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Feb. 21st, 2014 09:51 pm
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Welcome! This journal mainly serves to archive my Hikago fanfics, but maybe it'll serve some greater purpose someday. Friend me at your peril... I enjoy terrible puns and do not hesitate to deploy them in my fics with deadly timing. :) But do feel free to friend me.

I'm currently teaching English in South Korea, which leaves me with a lot of free time for fannish pursuits. :)

Feel free to follow me on Tumblr
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 To be filled in later!
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(Caminante's old gift art to me, because it will never stop being hilarious)

Ahhhh, I can't believe Hikaru no Joe is finally done! I started it nine months ago by sending the first chapter to [personal profile] caminante as a silly gift fic. She had first introduced me to the term "coffee shop AU" while explaining what online fandom looks like these days since my first and only foray ten years ago when I posted a few Utena and Fushigi Yuugi fanfics on fanfiction.net.
Since then, we've introduced each other to different shows and spiraled into fandoms together, but our Hikaru no Go writing work was always at the core. My corny pun-filled 2,000 word chapter turned into a complete retelling of the whole series laden with subtle canon references and heartfelt character studies that came directly from hours of chatting about Hikaru no Go at coffee shops all over Korea and weekly sleepovers at caminante's apartment.
Let's do a final wordcount of the amount of fandom-related writing I've done in the past nine months (so, excluding writing monthly articles for a teachers' newsletter and lyrics for a weekly songwriting challenge):
Hikaru no Joe: 31,552
Macchina: 8,278
Waya no Paduk: 11,033 (jointly-written)
Aji: 2,505
TOTAL: 52,368 words
Caminante always took the lead with planning our travels together during our year teaching in Korea and almost every weekend was booked with plans to see some beautiful town or festival balanced with days when we would grab take-away food and eat on the floor while watching episodes of Sherlock or Adventure Time or Avatar: The Last Airbender. Since she'd already lived in Korea for two years when I arrived, she also life-beta'd for me by making my transition to life in Korea as smooth as possible. So I always knew she was super organized and super intelligent and selfless with helping others, but then she channeled all that along with crazy-good proofreading skills into this coffee shop AU. I'm still taken aback by how happy I am with this fic as a result of our combined efforts.
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After nine months, Hikaru no Joe is COMPLETE!!!! All remaining chapters and epilogue have been posted. Enjoy!
Link to full story: Hikaru no Joe (Hikaru no Go coffee shop AU)
Link to Chapter 7: Ven-iced Coffee
Total word count: 31,552 (!!!)

Chapter 7: Ven-iced Coffee
To his great surprise, Touya Akira found himself sitting alone on a gondola in Venice.
Chapter 8: Coffee To Go

"Let's meet here again tomorrow, same time," Touya said. Even though it wasn't a question, he waited quietly for Hikaru's reply

"Touya, I'm sorry," Hikaru thought miserably. "I know you're looking for Sai too. But I don't know how to find him."
Chapter 9: The Divine Brew
"Shindou, why are you here?" Akira asked. He almost stepped toward him, but hesitated.

Shindou clenched his fists and looked at him defiantly.
Chapter 10: Espresso Weekly (Special Epilogue)
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[Tagged by [personal profile] zaelle ]

Rules: In a text post, list ten books (but I guess manga and comics are good as well) that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag [ten] friends, including me, so I’ll see your list. Make sure you let your friends know you’ve tagged them. 

(Yeah, I definitely took more than a few minutes, but I keep meaning to have a list like this handy. Cross-posted from my tumblr)

Ten books that have stayed with me: 

  1. The Legend of Basara by Tamura Yumi
    • This manga series is my top recommendation for any kind of reading material. The artwork is lush and evocative, the plotting is masterful and well-paced, and the story is epic in scope while focusing on character development. It explores the dynamics of power and relationships in a relentless, heart-wrenching way, but I am most impressed by how every single character's story is fully resolved. Just like in the real world, there are no side characters--- everyone has a story to tell.
  2. Hikaru no Go by Hotta Yumi and Obata Takeshi
    • One of my absolute favorite manga series. I am in complete admiration of the writer and artist for creating such a riveting and profound story about a board game. And of course, the fandom community is second to none!
  3. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
    • I've reread the first five books many times, but I always stop short of Anne of Ingleside when Anne is "grown up" and the focus is on her children. Anne represents a lot of qualities that I admire in friends and personally aspire to--- imagination, idealism, kindness, and the constant search for kindred spirits. I highly recommend Karen Savage's free audio recordings of the first four Anne books on Librivox
  4. Creating True Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh
    • This book introduced me to many Buddhist concepts that have changed my life for the better
      • “Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future.” 
  5. Tiny Beautiful Things by Dear Sugar
    • I keep returning to the powerfully compassionate and articulate essays in this "advice column"
  6. Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
    • I read this in my early 20s and never thought too much of my own mortality until this book. Maybe I was due for it, but this story haunted me a long time afterward
  7. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    • “A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”
  8. Fushigi Yuugi by Yuu Watase
    • This was my first anime/manga series as a teenager. I probably couldn't stomach going through it again now that I can see all its tropes, but at the time, it introduced me to several powerful concepts and helped me navigate them, such as the idea of loving and hating your best friends, gender and sexuality as very fluid and personal definitions, and healthy/unhealthy relationships. One thing that has definitely withstood the test of time though is Tasuki's smoking hotness.
  9. Any poems by Mary Oliver, particularly this one.
  10. A tie between Peter Pan or The Never-Ending Story
    • Okay, this is cheating, but I love them both for the same reasons. Beautifully written fantasy stories supposedly for children, but delve into dark and wild places that I appreciate more as an adult
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Hikaru no Joe

Chapter 6: Closing Time


Long strands of dark hair had escaped from Touya’s ponytail and fell around his face haphazardly, but he didn't seem to notice. This time, he was looking right at Hikaru. Not Sai.

Genre: Coffee shop AU
Word Count: 3,700
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Read it on AO3


The next chapter is the final chapter! Ahhhhhh! My goal is to finish all of Hikajoe by the end of next week to properly celebrate caminante's departure from Korea. When this is all over, I need to properly reflect on the amazing/ridiculous amount of writing I've done this year because I can't quite believe it myself. 
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Hikaru no Joe

Chapter 5: A Victory By Any Beans Necessary


“I will now introduce the mystery ingredient for Blind Joe.” Touya Meijin placed his hand on the lid of a covered platter.
In the otherwise silent arena, hundreds of seats creaked in unison as the spectators breathlessly leaned forward to watch.

Genre: Coffee shop AU
Word Count: 4,500
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Read it on AO3
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Hikaru no Joe

Chapter 4: The Young Roasters Tournament


“The Young Roasters Tournament?” Nase said curiously. “We won this one a few years ago, didn’t we?”

“And then we lost it to our rival, Café Meijin,” Morishita-sensei said bitterly. “The tournament is in two months. We have to take back the title!”

Genre: Coffee shop AU
Word Count: 3,000
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Read it on AO3
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Dear Hikago Rare Fic Exchange Writer!
Thank you for writing a fic for me! This is my first exchange, so if you have any questions or would like me to elaborate on anything, feel free to ask! Here are my preferences for receiving:
* Anything from fluff to darker stories, just not angst for the sake of angst.
* Exploration of character
* Verging into meta. Deeper examination of the themes of the series.
* Snapshots into characters' daily lives that illuminate and flesh out their history and personality
* Clever nods to canon, nothing is too subtle for me :)
* Romance, but nothing pornographic
Ko Yeong-ha/Nase
I need this pairing to exist badly!! I would like Nase to come into her own as a go player and be wary of being caught in Ko Yeong-ha's spotlight, even though they are interested in each other.
Le Ping/Zhao Shi
Character-driven fluff please! Can be canon age or post-series. I love these two.
Touya Akiko/Touya Kouyo
I'd be interested in a story from before they married and had Touya. Perhaps their first meeting and moving into a relationship. Akiko POV would be preferable.
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Caminante and I have been working SO HARD on our first collaborative fanfic!! We combined our love for Waya/Isumi with our knowledge and passion for living in South Korea. It's such a tribute to our shared experiences in this country and our friendship, as well as the perfect blend of our various strengths. It's 11,000 words! It's bilingual! There are recipe links! I even made illustrations!

I'm especially proud of Caminante for growing as a writer and sharing her talents publicly. Not only is she a fantastic beta, she is a wonderful writer with an encyclopedia-like mind and perfect comedic timing. We make a great team!

Title: Waya no Paduk
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Authors: [personal profile] caminante and [personal profile] hestialuna 
Characters/Pairings: Waya/Isumi
Rating: G
Word Count: 11,028


Waya and Isumi take a trip to Seoul.

"Waya hasn't really thought much about meeting Isumi's Korean friends. Here at home everybody knows them equally well, because they’ve been inseparable for the past decade, but what if these new people think he’s goofy or not good enough for Isumi? Actually, now that he thinks about it, he’s never been out of Japan before, and the only Korean he knows is that “annyeonghaseyo” means hello and “paduk” means go… What if he does something embarrassing?"

I also need to recommend Caminante's first solo fic because it's brilliant and hilarious.

Title: Four Times Ko Young Ha Flirted Shamelessly with the Japanese Pros for Fun and One Time That He Seriously Regretted It
Fandom: Hikaru no Go
Author: [personal profile] caminante 
Characters/Pairings: Ko Young Ha/Everyone
Rating: G
Word Count: 588
Summary: Ko Young Ha might have a problem... a flirting problem.
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Hi everyone! [personal profile] caminante gave me permission to reblog our announcement about our awesome collaborative Hikago fic, Waya no Paduk! See below!

Happy Hikago Day! So, confession time, [personal profile] hestialuna and I have been working like crazy on a Hikago fic for the last few weeks. We've kept mum about it because it was going to be her Blind Go submission. The bad new is, we decided not to submit it to Blind Go. We didn't want to rush to get it done by the deadline especially since she had eye surgery last week and we had vacation plans this weekend (plans currently still in progress).

The good news, though, is that we're not submitting it to Blind Go because it turned into a LONGER story than we expected (and also because I'm not signed up for Blind Go so it would have been cheating a little bit, although this would have been the least anonymous submission ever--fluff, puns, footnotes, KOREA, hmmm, I wonder who could have written this).

So yeah, there'll be new Hikago fic co-authored by us in about a week. It's called Waya no Paduk, it'll be about 10,000 words, and, basically, we took one of the Blind Go suggested themes, the KOREA THEME and ran with it. Remember how I was recently shouting that more movies should be set in Seoul? Yeah, obviously the solution was the write fic about Waya and Isumi taking a trip to Seoul :D

Would you like an exclusive sample? Here's the first scene. )

Please accept these photos of the Hikago nail art we're sporting today in apology for our failure at getting this story done in time for Blind Go :)

The best part about this is that I stole (borrowed) some go stones from work and carted them all the way to Gyeongju for our go stone 5s only to arrive and discover that the effort had been unnecessary because there was a goban set up in the common room of our guesthouse. Heh, Korea.

more photos behind this cut )
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Part 2: Sai
A Sai-focused prequel to Hikaru no Joe

Status: Complete (Read entire work)

Read Part 2: Sai on AO3

"He had been given a second chance, as Sai. But for what purpose?"

Pairing: Sai/Angelo (original character)
Rating: T
Genre: Coffeeshop AU
Total Fic Word Count: 8,278
Warnings: Please see this footnote if you want further (somewhat spoiler-y) information about potential triggers.
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Part 1: Sapiente

A Sai-focused prequel to Hikaru no Joe


"Sapiente is growing desperate. Angelo believes him to be a figment of his broken mind and pays him as little attention as possible. Why was he given this second chance to complete his work, only to be bound to an engineer who has no interest in coffee, or him? Was this punishment for what he had done?"


Wow, this Sai-focused prequel sure took a long time and got way longer than I expected! It's a big change in tone and focus from the Hikaru no Joe AU series so far, but it does directly relate to the main story. 

You can also read this as a stand-alone, as long as you're okay with Sai being the ghost of an 18th century Italian barista, but it works best read after at least chapter 3 of Hikaru no Joe. Just please be aware that this story isn't as fluffy as the Hikaru-focused main story and it touches on some serious themes. Please see this end note if you want further (somewhat spoiler-y) information about potential triggers.

When I set out to explore Sai's back-story and to create an original character, a quasi-Honinbo Shuusaku, for my barista AU, I had no idea that it would turn out to be longer than the main story. I hope it works for you! Part II will be posted next week.

Pairing: Sai/Angelo (original character)
Rating: Teen and Up
Genre: Coffeeshop AU
Word Count: 4,505
Warnings: See above

Read it on AO3
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To my surprise, Eat Your Kimchi just posted a video primer on fanfiction culture and terms. I'm not sure how Korean expat life plus fanfiction naturally go together (unless you're into kpop RPF..?), but I'm living proof that one can somehow lead to the other. The existence of this video sums up my time in Korea so far, which started off as exciting adventure time across the world and turned into exciting adventure time plus mutual spiraling into new fandoms, as [personal profile] caminante sucked me into Sherlock and I got her into anime. To that, I say:

Fic update

Mar. 23rd, 2014 12:35 pm
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 I'm working on a Sai side story to Hikaru no Joe and it's completely wringing me out. I'm on my third rewrite at this point, after scrapping about 1500 words, changing the tense, and switching the narration style. It hurts to have to throw out a lot of solid words because they don't ultimately fit with the tone and pacing of the story I really want to tell. I tell myself it's necessary surgery, but I still save them in a separate text file like a memorial.

Ironically, I wanted to write this story as a small break from the coffeeshop antics of HnJ, but it's taking me a lot longer than any of the other chapters. The tone and feel are completely different and I wanted to explore Sai's history and character as I've constructed him in my story, as well as delve more deeply into the world of 1950s Italy, since [personal profile] caminante and I have been doing SO much research for the sake of this fic.

It's been about a month since Chapter 3, but I'm hoping to crank out this side story now that I'm on the right track. After this, there's blind go and the Young Roaster's Tournament to finish by May!
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Hikaru no Joe
Chapter 3: Common Grounds


"Touya! I'd like to experiment with the tamping speed on his smug face," Hikaru snarled. "Anyway, I can't imagine him making latte art. He has his style, I have mine. I don’t need to copy him." Or you, Hikaru added to himself.

Genre: Coffeeshop AU
Word Count: 3,400
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Read it on AO3
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I freaked out about this over on my Tumblr, but I should definitely post this here too.


*dead* That's it. No more chapters. Here lies Hestia Luna, slain by sheer awesome.

Barista!Touya and Barista!Hikaru by made of coffee:  Link to the SHEER AWESOME


My beta also made me this great GIF from Chapter 2!!

"Your ristretto."

"My what???"

"Don’t play dumb," Touya snapped. "How did you make it? The most difficult, unforgiving espresso known for precise control and restraint and for you of all people to… It couldn’t have been luck. It’s not possible.”

The gears clicked into place. Hikaru smirked.
I'm so happy. ;_;
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Oh man, this chapter WRUNG me out. I shipped it off to my lovely beta, so it's in her capable hands now. At 3,500+ words, it's bigger than the past two chapters. No easy feat for a newbie fic writer. 5,000 words for blind go is going to ruin me.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to top this chapter, but I am super proud of it, which means you should all brace yourself for the punvalanche. It even has some serious emotional moments. You thought you were just reading a silly crack coffeeshop AU.... and then the unexpected feels! Just like HikaGo was never just a silly manga about a board game.

It's strange... I intended this chapter to be a short Sai POV and go into his past, but it evolved into something else entirely. I'd still love to write a side story about Sai though.
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I've discovered, through exhaustive empirical testing, that there is a sweet spot of being just over-caffeinated enough to write my Hikago coffee fic at a pleasantly percolating pace. But not overly buzzed to the point that I get stuck on wanting to jam in every horrible pun that pops into my head like a weird case of the hiccups.

Writing fic is a latte hard work.